The Night Before Christmas... at the Hangar (2018)

The Night Before Christmas…at the Hangar (2018)

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the shop,
The mechanics were busy,
Thanks to their evil boss.

John had sent them a message,
An annoying group text.
Overtime, mandatory!
Or a job you’ll need next.

So there in the hangar
They toiled in their labor.
For such was the life
Of an airplane maintainer.

When out on the ramp
There arose a great din.
They all rushed to the doors
Afraid the cold would get in.

For Winter had come
With a northerly breeze
and though the hangar was warm
outside was sixty degrees.

Out there on the ramp
What a wonder, saw they
A fat, jolly man
In an eight-engine sleigh!

The cubby man bellowed:
“My oil change is due,
I hate to be a bother
But no one is open, but you”

So quickly JD
Called his team into action.
“If an oil change is needed
We’ll provide satisfaction!”

“Robin, quick, get his info
And load him in Quantum.
For without a work order
Documentation will be wanton.”

“Call David and Tayseer
Those school planes can wait.
We can’t delay Santa
On his appointed date.”

“Have Roel run updates
Then check pitot-static.
There’s also a squawk
On the Pilot, Automatic.”

Then Deena called out
These drains are froze tight
“Get me more PB Blaster,
Or we’ll be here all night!”

Cody cut all the filters
And pulled the SOAP samples.
If metal was to be found,
Their concerns would be ample.

Teresa entered the parts
And printed logs with elation,
While Tuna & Halibut
Munched on Temptations.

Then Santa inquired
“Do I settle-up here?”
“No, Lesli will bill you,
but probably not till next year.”

The oil changes done,
The leak checks completed,
Santa boarded his sleigh
And his pre-flight repeated.

As he fired up his engines
He called them by name.
He growled under his breath
Until to life they came.

Continental and Jacobs
Roared into life.
Then Lycoming and Garret,
And next there came Wright.

Finally, Pratt & Whitney
And the old Merlin too.
Last the mighty round Curtis
Their exhaust fires glowed blue.

Then Santa taxied out
And lined up on one-seven.
For the wind was now South
With gusts to eleven.

He pushed forward the throttles,
Keyed his mic for his call:
“Santa’s taking the active,
Merry Christmas To All,”

“I’m off on my journey
To spread Christmas delight,
And I know thanks to Bison,
This will be a safe flight!”