The Night Before Christmas... at the Hangar (2019)

The Night Before Christmas... at the Hangar (2019)

Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the hangar
not a creature was stirring
for they knew the danger.

Halibut, Mac, and Tuna
were there and on guard
to show any trespassers
they had NOT been declawed.

Meanwhile up in Kansas
John & Lesli were napping
softly dreaming the of presents
they'd soon be unwrapping.

Suddenly came a ring
on the AOG hotline,
with twenty-four-hour service
the call wouldn't be declined.

A frantic voice cried:
"We need Bison's help quick -
an accident's happened,
and it involves St. Nick!"

A good plan was needed
to get Santa flying
and it had to be fast
lest the children be crying.

Without wasting a moment
the team jumped into action.
A recovery was in progress
there could be no distraction.

First on scene was JD,
his report came back dire.
It seemed that some reindeer
in the crash had expired!

Soon Jerry arrived
and he gave out a yell:
"Hey, I brought breakfast tacos,
how hungry are y'all?"

Shelby rushed to the warehouse
where she awaited the call.
Many parts would be needed
and she had organized them all.

Deena logged into Quantum.
and oversaw the work-flow
She was often heard shouting:
"Number One, make it so!"

Robin fabricated assemblies
checking each with precision,
for he knew that today
there's be no time for revision.

Robert cut the sheet metal
and shot rivets with fervor.
He was a true master craftsman
stated the bearded observer.

Matt installed each new piece
fitting one to another.
The new hardware he torqued,
from the nose to the rudder.

Cody calmly inspected
and performed red-ball checks.
Ensuring all work
was according to specs.

Santa came into the shop
his face red with shame.
He had forgotten to tell us:
"There's just one more thing...

For a year I have known
and I'm not being defiant...
but with ADS-B

Roel jumped into action:
"Let's upgrade that panel!
All he has in there now
is an old Narco ten-channel."

Jeff went to work wiring,
pinning up each connector.
He configured the data bus
and the new flight director.

Michael drew up the layout
and ran the big CNC.
A spectacular panel
this was going to be!

Custom brackets were printed
on the 3D machine
and the lasers prepped
for the panel engraving.

The work all now finished
Santa took the left seat.
As he switched on the master
his eyes wonder did greet.

There was a new G3X,
dual IFD navigators,
a three-forty-five
and GFC actuators.

There was an Aspen for backup
and moving map by AirShow.
There was even a FLIR
for seeing through snow.

As he fired up the engines
Santa surveyed his new steed,
knowing for the task laid ahead
he'd have plenty of speed.

He called out the parts
as he recognized each
first starting with his favorite,
those made by Beech.

There was a chute from a Cirrus,
and wings from a Piper.
The tail of a Cessna,
and engines from Viper.

The canopy from
a Bell two-oh-six
I have to admit,
it was quite the odd mix.

Santa thanked us all fondly:
"This was an upgrade, much-needed,
you see my old sleigh
was not even heated!

Bison Aviation
you've done it again!
You've just saved Christmas
from a premature end."

And with that he taxied,
as he checked the ASOS.
His preflight completed,
he began his takeoff.

We stood and we watched
as he took to the sky,
each a little surprised
that contraption could fly!

I suppose Christmas magic
might have played some small part;
but our Bison teamwork
is what gave it its start.

Then the UNICOM crackled
as he flew out of sight
"Merry Christmas to all
and to all a safe flight!"