Looks complicated...
...that's because it is; but don't worry, Bison Aviation knows how to fix it!
From gliders...
...to Gulfstreams, the Bison Aviation team knows your aircraft inside and out!
Actually, yes...
...we do know how to put it back together!
The job isn't over...
...until the paperwork is finished. Let Bison Aviation cure your logbook logjams!
From minor repairs...
...to complete radome to tail cone refurbishment. Bison Aviation is ready for your maintenance project!

Bison Aviation Maintenance Solutions

Whether you're in need of a pre-purchase or annual inspection or you're plagued with squawks that other shops just can't seem to fix, trust the Bison Aviation Maintenance Team to get you back in the air!

Our team of FAA licensed mechanics is at the ready to tackle your maintenance projects. By combining years of experience with cutting edge technologies, Bison Aviation is able to provide a portfolio of products and services which aren't available at any other general aviation maintenance shop.

Annual & Phase Inspections:

You depend on your aircraft to carry you and your passengers safely. Whether it's time for a routine annual or the next series of phase inspections, Bison Aviation's team of FAA licensed technicians is ready to ensure that your aircraft is safe and airworthy for your next flight!

Major Repairs & AOG:

Incidents and accidents happen. When they do, let Bison Aviation's AOG Response Team be "the best part of your worst day!" We are standing by 24/7 to assist you with everything from aircraft recovery and relocation, to repairs. We can even provide you with insurance claim assistance. You can depend on us to assist you with getting your aircraft back in the air with minimal down-time and maximum efficiency!

Maintenance & Repairs:

When your aircraft isn't operating the way it should, trust Bison Aviation to diagnose the issue correctly the first time. With years of experience and specialty training, our technicians have the skills needed to locate and correct faults quickly and effectively!

Dynamic Balancing:

Bison Aviation is proud to offer fully digital dynamic propeller balancing services. Stop putting up with annoying vibrations that can lead to engine wear and airframe fatigue. Call to schedule your balance today!

Scheduled Service & Maintenance:

Whether it's time for an oil and filter change, your mags are due for a 500 hour service, or your engine is in need of a power recovery compressor wash, come to Bison Aviation for service you can depend on.

Prebuy & Pre-Purchase Inspections:

Ready to purchase your next aircraft? You wouldn't buy a house without an inspection, so why take a chance on something as expensive and complex as an aircraft? Let Bison Aviation perform your next pre-purchase inspection; chances are, you'll become a customer for life!

Upgrades & Modifications:

When it's time to take your aircraft to the next level, call on Bison Aviation to guide the way. From engine monitors to turbo-normalizers, Bison Aviation is ready to take your aircraft's performance to the next level.

Factory Trained Mechanics:

At Bison Aviation, many of our mechanics have attended factory type-specific training on a multitude of general aviation and corporate aircraft. In addition, we maintain one of the most rigorous continuing education programs industry. It's no wonder Bison Aviation has been awarded the FAA Diamond Award!