Acquisitions & Brokerage

Bison Aviation's brokerage department can provide you or your company with first class brokerage services at a rate well below the national average. Our brokerage agents are highly experienced and will work hard to get you the very best price for your aircraft in the quickest possible manner. Whether you’re looking for a new plane or trying to sell your current aircraft, Bison can provide you with the brokerage service that fits your needs:

Buyer's Agent:As a buyer’s broker Bison will act as your agent, shopping the market and locating the most suitable aircraft for your particular mission. Even if you're not sure what type of aircraft to purchase, our personnel will put together a comparison portfolio and help you make that decision. Bison has access to subscriber-only databases allowing us to search for and locate planes which are not available to the general public. That means we can track down your next plane and have a purchase agreement signed before the aircraft even hits the open market! We love working as buyer's agents because it gives us the opportunity to work closely with a client and help them identify the very best aircraft for their budget and mission profile. In addition, we are one of the few buyer's agents which also operates a full-service maintenance and repair organization; that means there's no need to worry about where to take your candidate aircraft for the prebuy or prepurchase inspection!

Seller's Broker:As a seller's agent Bison will offer your aircraft to the largest group of aircraft buyers in the world, placing ads for your plane in all of the major aviation markets. Our professional photographer will work together with our aircraft sales team to create an advertising campaign for your aircraft, which is second to none. Bison will even bring your aircraft back to our central United States location and provide a demo pilot to make your plane more accessible to buyers across the continental United States. We take the pressure out of the aircraft sales process by handling every aspect of the sale ourselves. The only thing you as the aircraft owner will be required to do is approve the purchase offer and sign the final sales paperwork. Our number one priority will be to accurately portray your plane and complete the sales process in the fastest and most cost-effective fashion available.