Custom Panels
Are you ready for the ultimate panel makeover?
Expert Service
Our technicians have years of experience.
The Latest Technology
With in-house 3D printing, CNC machining, and even laser cutting and engraving - Bison Aviation is at the cutting edge of avionics technology!
The Right Equipment
With the newest and best equipment available, Bison Aviation is equipped for the most demanding tasks!

Bison Aviation Avionics Services

Bison Aviation's avionics department offers cutting edge aircraft instrument and radio system services. From routine static system and transponder checks to complete glass panel retrofits, our team of licensed avionics technicians have years of experience performing troubleshooting and installations in everything from gliders to Gulfstreams. Ready for your next avionics upgrade? Let Bison Aviation assist you with selecting the best equipment from top-rated manufacturers to fit your aircraft and mission profile!!!

Did you miss the FAA's ADS-B deadline?
Did you know that aircraft which are not equipped with ADS-B OUT capability are no longer allowed to fly in most controlled airspace in the US? The clock may have run out, but we can still help! Contact Bison Aviation for a free consultation today!

Avionics Installations:

From transponder upgrades to glass panel retrofits, the Bison Aviation avionics team is ready to take on your next avionics project.

ADS-B Upgrades:

We all know that time is running out to comply with the FAA's 2020 mandate. Bison Aviation's avionics team can make sure you're still flying on January 1st!

Avionics Repair:

Already have a great panel, but things aren't working the way they should? Stop flying "partial panel" and let the Bison Aviation avionics team bring your equipment back to life.

Cutting-Edge Technology:

Bison Aviation's avionics team utilizes some of the newest technology available in the industry, including CNC machining, 3D printing & scanning, and laser cutting & engraving.

Biennial 91.411 & 91.413 Recertification:

It happens like clockwork - every 24 months your static system and transponders require testing and recertification. The Bison Aviation avionics team has the equipment and qualifications to test and recertify the systems in your aircraft.

RVSM Ready:

If your RVSM aircraft is due for recertification or if a component in your RVSM certified altitude reporting system has failed, Bison Aviation's avionics team has the tools and certification necessary to return the system to service without losing your RVSM capabilities.