AOG & Incident Response

24 Hour AOG Hotline: 888-SOS-BISON

"We want to be the best part of your worst day!"

AOG Assistance:

When you break down away from your home airport or just as you are about to depart on an important trip, the Bison Aviation AOG team should be your first call. We can send FAA licensed mechanics to your location with the tools and parts you need to get back in the air and back on schedule.

Incident / Accident Response:

Unfortunately, incidents and accidents are part of our lives in aviation. When they occur they can be devastating, even if there are no injuries involved. Bison Aviation's incident response team has the experience necessary to respond to your location, take control of the aircraft and recover it safety, all without inflicting additional damage. The Bison Aviation AOG Response Team will manage the recovery of your aircraft, arrange for safe transportation, and secure storage of your aircraft until any investigations have been completed. We will even work with you and your insurance adjuster to make sure that your claim is handled quickly and correctly.

We hope you never need our AOG or Incident response services, but if you do, please don't hesitate to call the hotline! Remember, "we want to be the best part of your worst day!"