We all know that a corporate aircraft can help your company save time and money by giving your key personnel fast and direct access to a larger share of your business market. We also know that operating a corporate aircraft can be an expensive and daunting proposition, especially for companies who are new to corporate aviation, or who only plan to operate one or two planes.

That's where Bison Aviation, LLC comes in. Not only do we offer the best corporate aircraft management program available but we combine that program with our fleet discounts network giving our clients access to instant savings at FBOs and other locations throughout the world. In short, we give your small flight department the presence, strength, and experience of a large fleet operator.

A service which pays for itself... Many of our customers find that our Aircraft Management Program more than pays for itself. By freeing up workers time to concentrate on things other than aircraft management and by taking advantage of Bison's fleet discounts network our clients often find that they have saved significantly more money at then end of the year, than they actually paid for Bison's services.

That means that by signing up for Bison's Aircraft Management Program more of your company’s money stays in your bank accounts where it belongs. Our goal at Bison Aviation is to provide first class, professional aircraft management services to our clients while at the same time ensuring that their aircraft are operated in the most efficient and SAFE manner possible...

Our staff of professional aircraft managers is here to manage and assist with every facet of corporate aircraft ownership. From scheduling your trips to staffing your entire flight crew, Bison Aviation's Aircraft Management Services will give you the help you need and allow you to concentrate on business as usual.

By monitoring your usage trends and times we are able to alert you months in advance of any maintenance event coming due so that we can schedule your plane into a shop at a future date which does not interfere with your schedule.  This means your aircraft are always operating as safely as possible with all legal requirements met.

Bison also keeps a close eye on emerging FAA ADs and Service Bulletins so that anytime a new maintenance requirement is released for your aircraft we'll be the first to know and you can rest easy knowing that Bison is always right here watching out for you.