FLIR Thermal Imaging System Sales & Service:    
  Maintenance, Repair, & Parts for FLIR systems, Including Series 2000, 6000, & SAFIRE



Bison Aviation, LLC maintains an extensive inventory of Airborne Camera Equipment and FLIR Thermal Imaging Systems.  All systems and parts are thoroughly tested and refurbished in house in our FLIR lab prior to being offered for sale.  Complete turn key systems are available for purchase or lease, as are major components, subassemblies, and individual parts.  Available systems include the FLIR 2000A, 2000A/B, 2000B, 2000F, 2000F/V, 2000G, 2000G/V, Ultra 6000, Ultra 7000, & SAFIRE Series as well as the Inframetrics Mark I, Mark II, Mark III and many others.  

Bison Aviation, LLC provides full maintenance repair service and support for all FLIR thermal imaging systems, including legacy models such as the 2000, 3000,  U6000, U7000, & SAFIRE series.  We also support the Inframetrics Mk I, Mk II, and Mk III systems.  Our support services are backed by one of the largest in-house legacy FLIR parts inventory in the world, comprised of OEM components, after-market airframe mounts, STCs, in addition to complete exchange systems. 

By performing component level repairs Bison Aviation is able to save customers thousands of dollars - why replace a $5000 circuit board when all you need is a $0.29 resistor?  Rental and 'loaner' systems are available in many cases where downtime is simply not an option!  Customers ranging from private operators and local municipalities, through federal agencies and military forces throughout the world trust Bison Aviation to keep their FLIR / TIS equipment operating in top condition.  Whether your system is in need of a simple "tune-up", or you require a complete new detector assembly, Bison Aviation, LLC has the inventory and expertise to meet your needs and keep your mission on course! 

Bison Aviation, LLC is the ONLY repair center capable of repairing and servicing the mechanical coolers found in many FLIR systems.  Our cryocooler overhaul capabilities include models manufactured by Hughes Aircraft Company (including the model 7024H), FLIR Systems Inc. and more.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at the numbers listed below.  Our complete inventory can be found on PartsBase and ILS.  A  partial selection of our inventory can also be viewed by clicking HERE  Trade-ins are generally accepted and we are even able to offer financing to qualified buyers!


Complete systems include the following:

  •     PPS - Precision Positioning System
  •     HCU / SCU - Handheld Control Unit
  •     IDP - Integration / Distribution / Processing Unit
  •     IIU - Infrared Imaging Unit (mounted in the PPS)
  •     Series 2000 Storage / Transit Case
  •     Series 2000 Operators Manual

These units sold for nearly $250,000 just a few years ago!


If you don't require thermal imaging capabilities consider the model 2000V.  These units have a high resolution zoom daylight CCD video camera installed in them instead of the Infrared Thermal Imager providing a fully stabilized airborne video platform.  These systems can even be equipped with high definition cameras or other specialized sensor payloads.


If your mission calls for thermal infrared and visible light capabilities we have multi sensor systems which include not only the Infrared Thermal Imager, but also a visible daylight CCD zoom camera all in a single gyro stabilized package.   



Click here to view series 2000 Specifications.

In addition to complete systems we maintain the world's largest inventory of legacy FLIR parts, including: mounts, brackets, ECBs, cryocoolers, optics, ground support equipment and tools for the Series 2000 FLIR system.  A partial selection of our inventory can be viewed by clicking: HERE

For more photos of these systems please click: HERE

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